Career Life Transitions for Moms

Are you thinking of going of back to work?

Are you a caregiver that has been displaced from the workforce due to the pandemic?

Are you a caregiver looking to transition into a career with a better work life balance?

Whether you have been out of the workforce for years or looking to transition into a different position, I can help you navigate the job search process, and find work that is meaningful and fulfilling.


I have created Career Life Transitions for Moms because I have experienced and understand the unique challenges mothers face when returning to the workforce and finding work that allows you to be both a successful professional and a great mom.

As a client you will work with a team of experienced professional women with expertise in career coaching, job searching, personal branding, resume writing and interview coaching. This comprehensive program will give you everything you need to go from awesome mom to awesome working mom.

If you are ready to work with us or would like to learn more about the Career Life Transitions for Moms program give me a call at 313-952-1617, email me, or schedule a free consultation at the link below

Susan Byrne